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Reducing noise and vibration

There are some settings where noisy vibration from a garage door is simply unacceptable. A guesthouse comes to mind in this respect. Use the belt drive opener if you can in these instances because it will ensure that you can operate the structure without inconveniencing other residents. On the other hand heavy traffic requires other alternatives.

Disconnect the garage door opener before leaving on vacation

This is a simple security measure which works excellently. By disengaging the opener, you will lower the risk of thieves breaking into the house by identifying the access code. They would have to open the door manually and this would just create unnecessary hassle.

Check the opener clicker first

In many cases of garage doors not working, the solution lies in the remote control itself. Most of the time, the garage opener remote is simply in need of battery replacement. However, at times it may provide you with a code that diagnoses the operational problem. If this is the case, consult your manual immediately.

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