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The Ideal Garage Door Safety Guidelines

12/03/2013 Back To Blog

Overhead Garage doors are clearly a feature which offers safety to the home, individuals that live there, as well as the property placed in the garage itself. However, it's also a large steel object which happens to carry hundreds of lbs. of tension. It may cause severe physical injury as well as death. For this reason, garage door safety should not be taken casually.

No Child’s Play around Door

If you have kids then you are fully aware that they like to run around and play all over the house; the garage is no exception. Young children, around eight or so, love to see this huge door opening and closing automatically. They are intrigued by this. Please do not allow them to play in the garage or by the door. It can result in injury. Sit them down and explain the dangers of playing near an electric garage door.

Read Owner’s Manual before Repairing

Some people attempt to take shortcuts to save money by repairing it themselves. This is a good idea sometimes, but not always. If you have the proper instructions from a specialist or your owner’s manual then go for it. However, sometime things can go all wrong and make the situation even worse. If the problem is with the garage door openeror tension springs, more knowledge is needed, so take the time to thoroughly review the manual.

Garage door torsion spring repair can be easy and safe if the proper instructions are followed. However, failure to do so can result in facial injury if one of the springs snaps. Flying metal backed by intense force striking you in the face is not worth the money you could potentially save by doing it yourself. Your medical bill will cost much more. The safest way to protect you and your family from door injury is to call any garage door company in Wilmington first.

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